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Upcoming Events

Infinite Tai Chi & Chi Kung session

Emelia May, Instructor at Wharfedale School of Martial Arts

Available Thursday 29th October

Halloween Special - 'Eye Love you Truffles'

Helena Garcia, The Wicked Baker, 2019 The Great British Bake Off

Available Saturday 31st October

Pasta 4 Ways

Pasta is a staple in any student cupboard and here MOB kitchen are offering up 4 ways you can make it more interesting! Watch the video for a snappy guide to the dish or follow the good old fashioned written recipe below it.

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Cheap and Healthy Recipes

Two words that can only mean good things when it comes to eating on a budget - Cheap and Healthy. Check out BBC Good Food's list of 59 recipes which tick all of the boxes.

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The NHS EatWell guide

It's not always obvious to know what a balanced diet looks like, especially not when you need to eat on a budget. Check out the NHS Eatwell guide to get the basics on nutrititon and make sure you're getting the right balance.

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Managing your mood with food

We have all experienced feeling "Hangry" but there are lots of other ways food can affect your mood. Watch this video from Mind to find out the 8 ways to manage your mood with food.

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