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Building Resilience

Vicki Gilbert

Available Friday 19th December

Uplifting Yoga Session

India Silvani-Jones

Available January 2021

Understanding & Managing Traumatic Stress

Erene Hadjiioannouh

Available January 2021

Self-care tips for managing anxiety

It's easy to feel like you are being managed by your anxiety and not the other way round. Here are some simple ways you can take back control!

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Mindwell self-care weekly planner and MOT checklist

A great way to help you keep track of your mental wellbeing, download the checklist and give yourself that much needed check in.

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Self-care tips for managing low mood

Managing low moods is sometimes more challenging if you don't know what's causing them. Here are some ways you can identify and cope with them when they do happen.

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Self-care tips for managing stress

Stress can be caused by lots of things in our life, all personal to us. Understanding what yours are and when they happen, will go a long way to helping you become more resilient.

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Looking after yourself - social media

We are becoming more and more aware of the negative effects social media can have on our wellbeing. Here are some helpful tips to take control of your social media experience.

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Coping with loneliness at university (blog)

Its totally natural to feel a little isolated when you first move away to university, its a big step and a lot of change to adjust to. Read this great blog from Young Minds to find out how to deal with these new feelings.

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Coping with loneliness - tips

Without the ususal distractions and busyness of university campus, its understandable to have feelings of loneliness. Here, Mind offer their top tips on how to work through it.

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When you feel overwhelmed by everything around you, it can really help to centre yourself and focus on the small things which you can control. Follow these simple tips to practicing Mindfulness and take some time back for yourself.

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Coping with exam results stress and anxiety

Here it is, your free guide to handling exam stress and anxiety. Exams are part of your university exerience but the negative feelings don't have to be!

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Racism and mental health

The effects of racism in society can affect our mental health as much as any other experiences. Making sure you understand how to get help and support if it does happen is important. Here Young Minds offers some advice on getting help.

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Mental health support for LGBTQ+

Mental health affects us all but for some of us those experiences are intensified by social or personal influences. Finding the right support as part of the LGBTQ+ community is important, here the NHS shares mental health information and support available.

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8 relaxation techniques for your mental health

Sometimes the smallest actions can make you feel much calmer, its just a case of knowing what they are. Watch this video for 8 relaxation tips from Mind.

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