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5 Ways To Help A Mate Who Has To Isolate

Navigating the last twelve months has been complex, for so many of us. The feverish hum of our TV screens as the news changes weekly, the seasons passing us by in the squeeze of a hand sanitiser, and the whirlwind of change that accompanies not just a pandemic, but the academic too. We’ve had to […]

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7 signs your friend could be struggling with their mental health

If these sound like your friend, chances are something is on their mind. Get advice on how to support them below. You get radio silence You haven’t seen or heard from them for a while. They might be airing your messages or start spending hours in their room and not be up for socialising. You […]

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Seasonal Saviours: How to look after your mind during winter

Many of us find our mood takes a dip during the winter time. Maybe you’re sick of the bad weather and the fact it’s still getting dark really early – or the pressure of work or uni has started to take its toll. Whatever you may be struggling with, it’s important to do simple things […]

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5 tips to take the edge off exam stress

Founder of Keep Real, Kimberley Robinson, shares her tips on how to manage stress this exam season. Stress is our natural response to situations that demand our attention. Whether it is a life-saving reaction of running away from danger, the build-up of our fears of the future as we progress through education or the everyday […]

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The not-so-sexy side effects of sex

Getting frisky can be risky if you don’t use protection. If you experience any of these symptoms, be sure to book an appointment at your doctors or local sexual health clinic as soon as you can. Tip: If you have any of these symptoms it’s a good idea to let your recent sexual partner/s know […]

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8 things you didn’t know you could get from a pharmacy

Pharmacies aren’t just for picking up your prescribed meds – in fact, they offer tonnes of different services to help you look after your health. Plus, pharmacists are trained healthcare professionals so they can give you their expert opinion on your issue or point you in the right direction if they think you need to […]

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