Pharmacies aren’t just for picking up your prescribed medication – in fact, they offer lots of different services to help you look after your health. Pharmacists are trained healthcare professionals so they can give you their expert opinion on your issue or point you in the right direction if they think you need to go elsewhere.

Here are 8 things we bet you didn’t know you could get from a pharmacy.

 Flu jabs

Most pharmacies offer both NHS and private flu jabs? All you need to do is book a quick consultation beforehand. Just visit your local pharmacy’s website or call in to book yours.

Travel injections

Heading somewhere sunny this winter? You can get your travel injections done at some pharmacies in Leeds? Your pharmacist will be able to advise you on the vaccinations you’ll need for your trip and get you booked in. Most pharmacies also offer anti-malarial advice and treatment too. Just give your pharmacist a call for details on the specific services they offer.

 Chlamydia testing

Lots of pharmacies across Leeds offer a chlamydia screening service, as well as sexual health advice and emergency contraception (the morning after pill). More often than not they have a consultation room too so you’ve got some privacy.

Inhaler check service

The Leeds Inhaler Check Service is currently available in 42 pharmacies in Leeds. The service helps makes sure people with asthma and COPD know how to use their inhalers correctly and that they are appropriate for them. If you’re interested in this service, just give your local pharmacy a call to see if they offer it.

Electronic prescribing service

Want to save time getting your prescription and avoid an unnecessary trip to your GP? The Electronic Prescription Service sends electronic prescriptions from GP surgeries to pharmacies, so there’s no need for a paper one.

Self-care advice

All pharmacies across Leeds offer a service called Pharmacy First to patients who are registered with a GP practice in Leeds. The Pharmacy First service gives you the option to visit your local pharmacist for self-care advice for common health conditions such as coughs, colds or earache.

New Medicine Service

More often than not, people need extra advice when they start taking new medicine. The New Medicine Service is a free scheme that offers extra help and advice to patients who have been recently prescribed a medicine to treat a long-term condition. The service is only available to people with certain conditions, so when you take your new prescription to your local pharmacy, ask the pharmacist if you can take part in the service.

Disposal of unwanted medicines

You should never throw out of date medicines in the bin or down the toilet as they can still be a risk to others and the environment. Just take old medication down to your local pharmacy and they will be disposed of safely

A heads up: Not all pharmacies offer the same services, but if you give your pharmacy a call they’ll be able to let you know which things they can help with. Check out our Pharmacy Finder to find one near you.